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Our Treatment Facility is attached to the ever-growing Crossfit Navitas gym located in the heart of Dublin City Centre. Here we provide services that cater for all cases of injuries, pains or tightness. Our performance offering includes sports rehabilitation, injury assessment, diagnosis & treatment, massages, dry needling & neuromuscular electrostimulation therapy.

Can't make it to us but still want to avail of our services? 

We have teamed up with Rehab Guru to provide all of our clients with state of the art rehabilitation plans through video consultations and a bespoke mobile application. Now you can still achieve high-performance results from the comfort of your own home. 

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Being injured is never easy. Even the best of athletes struggle when it comes to taking some time away from the sport that you love playing. Our team understands how frustrating it is to be injured, yet most importantly, we know how crucial it is to rehab properly before you come back to normal training.


With all of our rehab plans, our objective is to make sure that you return to participation in the most efficient & safe way possible.


Over several years we have learnt from the best in the business about what it takes to get you back to an elite level. Therefore we can comfortably take you through the relevant stages of injury & with your input implement a strategy to prevent things from happening again in the future

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Some people call it Personal Training; the elite call it Strength & Conditioning.


To be an athlete you need more than just a physique that looks good. Power, Strength, Speed & Endurance are all elements that need to be trained in line with your sport for you to reach peak performance. With a training foundation centred on functional movement patterns, our plans are specific to your needs & capabilities at the point of contact. 

We take clients both remotely with our bespoke training app or on a limited face to face basis.

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