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The group strength and conditioning training sessions on offer at Camden Sports Clinic are the most fun, inclusive and cost-effective ways of bringing yourself closer to your health and fitness goals in 2019. 


Catering for all fitness levels, each session stays true to our ethos of "hard work in an efficient manner" meaning that every exercise is scaled based on the client's ability. As a result, each member of the class gets the same stimulus as their peers within the class!







Are you looking to bring wellness to the workplace?


We are dedicated to putting the spring back into your employee's step. Bringing a renewed lease of life into the workplace, looking after the health of others has a number of benefits for the employer.

Your employees are the framework and number one asset for your company so allow us to come on site with all of the equipment needed to take care of them!







At Camden Sports Clinic, we are delighted to bring you a wealth of evidence-based treatment services.  Initially, after the first assessment, the prescribed treatment and exercise regime is selected in conjunction with the client in order to efficiently achieve their goals and further restore full function to their life.


Either 1-1 or Online Training are a great option whether you are looking to get started with a new strength and conditioning programme, recovering from a previous or current injury, lose weight or general health. 

For those new to training, you will find confidence in the fact that I have a rehabilitation background. This allows me to carry out a full head to toe assessment prior to the beginning of any training block. Further on from this, I will have an in-depth knowledge as to which exercise is best suited to your needs and thus will bring about the most optimal results. 


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